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3D Display Products, 3D Display Screens

Displaytechshop 3D offers that extra dimension to be visible in such crowed space and pass your message effectively. But unfortunately, the requirement of wearing special glasses to experience 3D limits the same. Glasses free 3D displays remove the only hindrance is using this technology by taking away the need for wearing the special glasses to look at 3D. The content can be viewed by anybody with naked eyes and presents very realistic view of the world to the viewer. Therefore, these displays offer a competitive advantage to marketer, at least for a limited time till 3D becomes a norm and every information will be in 3d.

Imagine while launching a product the objects look to be floating in the air in front of the viewers.
Will you be able to resist a delicious pizza if it was presented to you in realistic 3D in front of you?
showing the product model in 3D at retail points will boost clarity and attractiveness of your products.

So, basically, marketer can use 3D displays at Events, Points of Sales corners, advertisements, Promotional videos and many more such activities.

Displaytechshop 3D Offering

3D Display

We offer glasses free 3D displays based on Lenticular technology for sizes between 10" to 55". These displays offer a choice between 9 views and 28 views. Form one screen displays window to a large network, we can offer solutions customized to your needs from the best in the quality to leaders in cost.
We can also offer glasses free 3d displays based video walls of various sizes to suite customers requirement.
We also offer solutions which will take regular side-by-side stereoscopic content and convert the same to auto stereoscopic format and display on the fly in real time.
We have direct and close relations with our vendors with fully trained team to support the equipment offering best price and services


Real estate Developers

Real estate is very expensive and involves buyers' lifetime investment. The buyers are very careful for each details. The builders show them the walk through of the project which lacks depth and 3rd dimension. This can be changed with Displaytechshop 3D displays. Now let the visitors have a true 3D experience of your projucts even without going there.

Jewellery Stores

No jeweller can store a sample of each of his product. No picture can convey the exact of a jwellery on a person's look. The Displaytechshop 3D displays offer a very convenient way of creating a realistic product catalog with the exact effect. Now selling your Diamonds and Gold ware is much easier.


Retailers are installing more displays throughout their stores as they know that the digital signage provides a uplift in sales and enhances their patrons in-store experience. They are shifting their advertising budgets form traditional print & TV to "point of sale" where customers make their purchasing decisions. What better way for these brands to get their message put across, than to have the ad in 3D. When customers see a 3d product featured on a Displaytechshop 3d display, not only will they be entertained, they will also have more recall for the product and be more likely to purchase the product.

Social Events

People enjoy watching a live coverage of any social event. Be it birthday, marriage of any other event, they want to witness each activity. That's why the live screens are displayed during such events. Now, entertain your guests with displaytechshop 3D displays and watch your popularity increase and be talk of the town