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LED Gate/Stand Display

LED gate/stand display can be used in outdoor commercial advertisement instalLED with pillar support or against building walls and rental business for show, entertainment, concert and so on. This display is having good component and structure and ideal display performance.

Features and Specifications

  • Convenient maintenance: reasonable display design facilities to easy load and unload during maintenance.
  • Ultra-high brightness LED and meticulous pitch to strengthen density ;
  • High quality: large chip in LEDs ensuring ideal display effect and display doesn't loose brightness and image quality even after long working period.
  • Display functions including advertising subtitles, time, text, image, animation etc.
  • Can be played video ,the multimedia card configuration can be synchronized showing with a PC;
  • Whole waterproof aluminum shell , durable good looks.
  • Control system: synchronous on/off line control.
  • Flexible display size and installation structure.
  • With the module design, display can be built at required size and assembly easily.
  • Software easy to learn, easy installation and operation.
  • Provided good package.
  • Can manufacture according to customer's Specifications


Commercial advertisement and entertainment purposes.