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Metro Rail Information Display

We offers a state of Public Address and Passenger Information System Display for Rail transportation systems. This microprocessor-based electronic system comprises of Audio and Visual equipments and a Central Control Unit which convey the desired information to passengers.

A. Visual equipment

It consist of saloon displays and head code displays, conveys journey-related information for the passengers, both on the platform and inside the train. These are installed with multicolored LED with proven hardware and software concept at suitable locations in train for clear visible display. These can be customized according to requirement of sizes, ambient lighting conditions and mounting locations.

B. Audio equipment

Audio equipment is used for automatic and manual announcements to passengers traveling in the train. For emergency messages radio links/GSM services can also be provided.

This equipment generally comprises of:

  • Driver interface unit.
  • Public address system.
  • Automatic voice announcement unit.
  • Passenger to driver interface unit.
  • Power amplifier unit featuring automatic gain adjustment according to ambient noise conditions.

C. Central control unit

This customised electronic unit is the heart of the system and deals with the basic audio, autoannouncing and interfacing of critical functions identified by the user, like train wire interface, GSM/GPS interface, train radio interface, etc. It can be designed according to the customer application and requirements. It contains a user interface, allowing data input in the form of route data base, timetable, audio visual messages, GSM & GPS interface, interfacing with vehicle computer and signalling systems.

Salient Features

  • Public address throughout the train.
  • Automatic Route Information and Stopping pattern.
  • Standard Operational messages.
  • Automatic Announcement using pre-recorded messages.
  • Automatic volume control of loudspeaker according to ambient noise.
  • Automatic brightness control of external displays according to ambient light conditions.
  • Train radio interface.
  • GPS interface.
  • Redundant support for Power Supply and Controller Card.
  • Warning alarms
  • manual Announcements by the Driver
  • Door opening/closing information
  • Emergency Announcements both by the Driver and the control room


Saloon Displays: display board for journey related messages which are installed inside the train.

External Displays: Display boards for the train number , destination and station related messages boards which are installed in the Front and Rear Side of the train.